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Knitting and Stitching Show Animation!

I just love this little Knitting and Stitching show animation video. Produced by Sara Simi, who also made the very cheeky  Nudiknits video (which you really should google and check out), it is so cute. And a bit of insider knowledge – the Knitting and Stitching Logo seen at the end was created by the fabulous Lyn Quin using her embroidery sewing machine.

This is perfect time for the forthcoming K&S show at Alexandra Palace in London, 11-15th October. And as I’ve organised  over 230 workshops for the show, led by many of the UK’s top tutors, you too could learn to sew, knit or dressmake whilst there. I’ll be there of course in all my glory (and high heels) so do come along and see me at the workshop booking desk, or in the Creative Living Theatre everyday when I’ll be demo’ing the Look Good Feel Better Cosmetic Caddy project. Oh and the Nudiknits video will be shown daily at the Dublin show so if you are there…. (8-11th November)