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The Great British Sewing Bee Live show

The Great British Sewing Bee Live show was amazing. A quick pic on the stage of the Super Theatre – it had to be done!

We serviced 80 sewing machines, ready to be used in workshops

The first ever Great British Sewing Bee Live show is now over and wow, what an amazing success it was. As usual, I was there to set up and run the workshop area, which this time included a mini service on the 80 sewing machines we were using – a mammoth task completed in a day due to the excellent help from Sasha Fancy and Christina Owen. We made a brilliant team! The workshops went amazingly well and indeed, virtually sold out in advance. We had 113 classes and ended up with about 15 spaces left overall between them. Which means over 2600 people attended classes.


The Bees Gallery of Makes

Another friend and colleague came to dress the Bees Gallery – which comprised many of the garments made by the GBSB Sewing Bees over the four series. It was fascinating to see all the garments ‘in the flesh’. Sadly, because the show was so busy, I didn’t actually take any pictures when the garments were in place!



Contestants race against the clock to make-over a garment

Contestants race against the clock to make-over a garment

Super Theatre Action

I did get a quick shot of the Super Theatre live challenge in action. Every day, in the morning and afternoon, three members of the public were challenged to make-over a garment in just 45 minutes. They each had the help of a previous Bee but still, it’s not a challenge I’d like to do! The garments they were working with ranged from men’s shirts or simple T-shirts to prom dresses and evening gowns! The results were amazing though (but just don’t look too closely at the finishing…)


Meeting the Stars

Patrick and Esmee were lovely, friendly and ready for snap shots with fans!

Patrick and Esmee were lovely, friendly and ready for snap shots with fans!

I also got to meet Patrick and Esmee, the TV judges from the TV show. They were there every day in the Super Theatre, lending their supportive encouragement to the contestants and having live chats with other Bees. They didn’t have to judge the Challenge though – that was down to the audience and based on loudest clap and cheer!


I also had a sneaky pic taken by my friend Celia Banks when we had gone on stage to give the machines being used a quick check and needle change so they were ready for the next Challenge. Well, it had to be done didn’t it!


Now on to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London 11-15th October. Again I will be there early to set up, mini servicing the machines again in preparation for the show and then there for the duration. We have about 250 workshops in 12 rooms, again many already sold out. It’s going to be hectic, but I do love the shows.