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Rustic Hanging Heart

Rustic Hanging HeartRustle up a rustic hanging heart or two! These little hangers can be made from fabric remnants with a little wadding and odd buttons.

MATERIALS for hearts
• 2 × 13cm squares (5”)
• Little wadding
• 3 buttons of various sizing
• Thin ribbon or string for hanging loop
• Paper, pen to make a template
• Pinking Shears

To Make Up
1. Draw half a heart shape on the paper so that it is approximately 11 cm high and 5.5cm wide at fullest part (4 ¼ x 2 ¼”). Fold fabric in half, RST and place the half heart on the fold. Using pinking shears, cut out around the edge, open out to reveal the perfectly symmetrical heart. Repeat for other fabric square.

2. Loop the thin ribbon, pin and stitch to the wrong side of one heart right at the top. Then with WRONGsides together, stitch around the heart, taking a 6mm (1/4”) seam allowance, and leaving a stuffing gap in one edge.

3. Stuff the heart lightly with wadding and/or lavender, then finish stitching the seam.

4. Finish by hand stitching a few co-ordinating buttons to the front of the heart.