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Hints and Tips

Which Needle for What Fabric Demystified!

Trousers and Top

Ensure your outfits are perfectly stitched every time – use the right sort of needle! Problems with stitching are rarely caused by the wrong tension and more often caused by blunt or the wrong type of needle. Having the right sewing machine needle helps stitch evenly, prevents snags, unwanted gathering or visible needle holes etc.…

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Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

Janome CXL301 Sewing Machine

If you are just starting out or need to refresh some basic sewing skills, take a look at our basic guide here. We will continue to add more tips, so do keep coming back for more! PATTERNS Sizing Choose a pattern by your measurements and NOT by your ready-to-wear size (it may not be the same size).…

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Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Sewing

Sewing with a sewing machine

No matter how experienced at sewing, there is always something new to learn. Here are my Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Sewing and to make it all as stress free as possible! 1. Choose the right pattern size Firstly, remember the right pattern size might NOT be the same size as you’d buy ready-to-wear…

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